Flavored Omega  3 Sprays

Naturally Delicious Kibble Toppers
and Functional Treats
Since 2010

Natural Product
Vegan Dog Food
All Natural
Human Grade
Made in USA
Made in USA
Great for picky eaters!
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Omega 3 for dogs

Available in five different flavors that dogs love!

Great for picky eaters, puppies and older dogs.

Premium quality OMEGA 3 kibble toppers.

Infused with human grade Omega 3 Flax and Chia seed oils.

The natural companion to dry dog food! Made in the USA

Naturally flavored Omega 3 dog food toppers and flavor enhancers.

Filled with all the wholesome goodness that nature provides.

Supports healthy skin and coat.

A special blend of Flax seed oil, Chia seed oil, Virgin Olive oil, Canola seed oil, Soybean oil and all natural flavorings.


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Omega 3 for dogs
Designed by nature and filled with all the health benefits nature provides!
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Human Grade, all natural ingredients: Chia seed oil, Flax seed oil, Canola seed oil, Virgin Olive oil, Soybean oil and natural flavorings

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